Windows Sizing Border

*Command deprecated - See note below



This command sets the sizable borders that appear around any re-sizable window. This may be useful when having difficulty positioning the mouse on the edge of a window.


Note: This is a system command that will affect any window currently open or any that will subsequently be opened.



Script Editor > Expand System Category > Window Sizing Border



Enter the size of the Window Border

Enter a value from 1 to 10 in the edit field. The number 10 places the thickest border around the window, while 1 places the thinnest border.





*Deprecated Commands

Some macro commands have been designated as deprecated. These commands may be infrequently used, use out of date terminology, or are no longer supported by newer versions of Windows. In some cases deprecated macro commands have been replaced by new ones.


Deprecated commands are still supported in existing macros for backward compatibility. However, they may be removed from Macro Express in the future. Where possible we recommend that you avoid the use of deprecated macro commands.


By default deprecated commands are not displayed or accessible from the list of commands in the Macro Express Editor. To allow adding deprecated commands to a macro enable the Show deprecated commands option found in Options, Preferences, General - Misc tab.