Macro Express Keyboard Shortcuts

* This hotkey can be changed. † Access Context Sensitive Help by pressing F1 or by clicking the Help button. ‡ While accelerator keys or shortcuts are usually documented using uppercase letters (<Alt> + F + O), when using shortcuts in macros, you should use lowercase letters (<Alt>fo). When a macro types uppercase letters it […]

How do I place a macro in an endless loop?

The best way to place a macro in an endless loop is to use the Repeat Until command. Basically, you would assign a value to a variable. You would then use the Repeat Until condition and test the variable against a different value. As long as you never reset the variable value, the macro will […]

How do I ensure the CTRL, ALT or SHIFT keys are held down in a macro?

There are 2 methods that you can employ. They are listed below. The first method is to use the CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys that can be accessed in the Text Type command or Direct Editor.   For example select the CTRL key followed by the letter “a”. It would look like this in the script […]

How do I dynamically change the contents of a macro?

Use the “Load Macro Text File” command. This allows your macro to load in a text file at any point during the macro and execute the text as part of the macro. Your dynamic portion of the macro will be stored in the text file. Any time you want to programmatically change the macro, change […]

How can I eliminate the capture delays to speed up the macro playback?

When capturing a macro I notice there are small delays between every command in the macro script. How can I eliminate the delays to speed up the macro playback? This is an indication that your capture defaults are set to record the time between each mouse move, keystroke, etc. You have two choices here: 1. […]

How do I remove the samples Popup menu icon from the notification area?

Macro Express allows you to create multiple macro files. The file you currently are using is the Sample file that contains the sample macros we created. One option for removing the green icon is to open or create a new macro file. Click on Macros | Open Macro File or Macros | New Macro File. […]

How do I get Macro Express to open minimized?

How do I get Macro Express to open minimized? I don’t want the Editor to load up when I start my computer or run Macro Express. For Macro Express 3 click on Options | Preferences | StartUp. Uncheck “Start Editor on startup of Macro Express”. For Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro click on […]

How do I run a batch file with Macro Express?

You should be able to do this by using the “Program Launch” command. After clicking on the Browse button to get the Program/Path Name, click on the Files of Type option to select all files. Then find the batch file you want to run. – Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro

How do you terminate a macro while it is running?

There are several ways to do this. If you have selected to display the Running icon when a macro is running, right mouse click on the icon in the notification area to stop the macro. Or you may press the default shortcut of the Windows key plus the End key to stop the macro. Change […]