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Can meproc.exe be used for user workstations?

It seems that meproc.exe was designed to be a stripped down version of Macro Express. Could it be used for user workstations?

Meproc does not have any ability to run macros. All it does is read command line parameters and send them to the player. Its only purpose is to speed things up when telling Macro Express what to do from the command line.

For example, suppose you want to run a macro from the command line, a batch file, a shortcut or from another program. If you use:

macexp.exe /AMyMacro

then your computer loads the 3 Meg macexp.exe file. It starts to run. It determines that another copy of macexp.exe is running. It then tells the other copy of macexp.exe what the command line parameters were (to run a macro, in this case) and then it shuts down.

However, if you use:

meproc.exe /AMyMacro

then your computer loads a 160K file (nearly 20 times smaller), sends the command line information to the player and shuts down. (If meproc discovers that macexp is not already running, it starts it up.)

Using meproc.exe is faster but, on todays fast computers, you might not notice, especially if you are only running one macro. However, if you want to run multiple macros via the command line you will see a measurable speed improvement.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro