You are up to date with Macro Express Pro 4

Version is the last available version of Macro Express Pro 4. No additional changes or patches will be made to Macro Express Pro 4.

Macro Express Pro 6 is now available!

Check out some of the exciting new features available in Macro Express Pro 6

New Commands

Added new commands such as HTTP Get and Variable Set String from List.

Automated Updating

An optional automated update process ensures you are using the latest version.

Macro Express Video Tutorials

4K Monitor Support

Support for ultra-high definition / 4K monitors so that windows and dialogs display correctly.

Resizable Dialogs

Command dialogs are now resizable so you can see more info without scrolling.

Quick Wizards

Made a number of enhancements to the Quick Wizards.

Other Enhancements

Latest security patches and support for the most recent Windows operating systems.

Upgrade to Macro Express 6 now!

If you have previously purchased a Macro Express Pro 4 license:

  • Take advantage of the upgrade price now.

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the new version.

  • License is valid for any version 6.x updates.

  • License does not expire.