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The Macro Express News is normally published each time we release an update of Macro Express or Macro Express Pro. Each issue may include tips, hints, support notices, macros submitted by users and a description of the changes. You may subscribe to the email edition of Macro Express News by visiting

Macro Express News - December 14, 2018
Major upgrade, Macro Express Pro v, Macro Express v, Automatic updates, Improved ease of use, Appearance

Macro Express News - September 26, 2017
Macro Express Pro v, Macro Express v, Microsoft Edge, Processes, high resolution monitors, loading macros from a network, Open Windows Settings dialogs

Macro Express News - January 27, 2016
Macro Express Pro v, Macro Express v, Updated support and upgrade policies, Windows 10 restricts more HotKeys, Additional keys for Pause Macro and Abort Macro, Play a sound when a macro is activated, using Snippets, Use Macro Express to restore other programs

Macro Express News - March 11, 2015
Macro Express Pro v, Run a macro from the middle of the script

Macro Express News - February 24, 2015
Macro Express Pro v, Macro Express Keyboard Shortcuts, Display underlines in menus, Show Macro Progress, Capture Macro tips

Macro Express News - June 2, 2014
Macro Express Pro v, Type the Time, Swap Monitors, Activate or Launch Notepad, Debugging the External Script command

Macro Express News - February 7, 2014
Macro Express v, Send Text Messages to Mobile Phones, Keyboard Shortcuts in macros

Macro Express News - December 9, 2013
Macro Express Pro v, Run a program as a non-administrator, Hold a key down, Sample macros, Unicode using the Alt-Key Sequence feature, Pixel colors via the Mouse Locator

Macro Express News - December 13, 2012
Macro Express Pro v, Run as Administrator Redux, Task Scheduler, Unlocking Keyboard and Mouse.

Macro Express News - November 12, 2012
Macro Express Pro v, Macro Express Pro Portable, Windows 8, Run as Administrator, Macros in Adobe Reader, Convert a date string into a DateTime variable, Log 10 and Ln Calculator, Age Calculator, Move The Mouse and AutoCorrect.

Macro Express News - March 9, 2012
Macro Express v 3.9, Insert non-English language characters, Separate macros for individual users.

Macro Express News - July 7, 2011
Macro Express Pro v, Optimizations Improve Stability, Macro Express Video Tutorials, External Script Command Enhancements, Multiple Input Forms, Macros that use the External Script Command, Run Macro in Variable, Typing Unicode Characters.

Macro Express News - January 14, 2011
Macro Express Pro v, Wait for Text Playback, Lock Player and Unlock Player commands, Rounding Decimal Numbers

Macro Express News - November 2, 2010
Macro Express Pro v, Text Type Rich Text, Split String, Text File Process, Join String

Macro Express News - September 9, 2010
Macro Express Pro v, Date/Time command modification, Variable Arrays, Date/Time math

Macro Express News - June 22, 2010
Macro Express v 3.8a, Become an Affiliate, Helping People with Disabilities, Keep It Simple, Encrypt Sensitive Information

Macro Express News - April 21, 2010
Macro Express Pro v, The Date/Time command, Color script commands, Count Characters in Clipboard, Get Free Space on a Drive, 64-bit Windows support

Macro Express News - February 1, 2010
Macro Express v 3.8, Macro Express Pro v, Launch Device Manager, Define Word Take 5

Macro Express News - January 5, 2010
Macro Express Pro v, v and v, Use Windows Shortcuts in your macros, Program Files Folder, Convert Highlighted Text (revised), Do I really need to reboot when installing Macro Express or Macro Express Pro?

Macro Express News - August 14, 2009
Macro Express Pro v, Windows 7 support, Uninstall before installing an older version, PGM Functions Library now Free, Fast editing, Press F1 for help, Line up columns in a Text Box, You did what?!

Macro Express News - May 19, 2009
Macro Express Pro v, Support for 64-bit processes, Large Integers, Convert Highlighted Text, Timed Delays vs Delays, One Key hotkey macro, Understanding Global and Local variables.

Macro Express News - March 3, 2009
Macro Express Pro v, How others are using Macro Express, In line comments on commands with no dialog box, Hidden Window manager, Toggle Online/Offline, Apology.

Macro Express News - January 27, 2009
Macro Express Pro v, Encrypt sensitive information, Show IP Address, A million to 1, Run Macro in Variable to Convert a Date, Video upload.

Macro Express News - December 22, 2008
Macro Express Pro!

Macro Express News - June 17, 2008
v 3.7d, Activating Excel windows, Excel and the clipboard, Get Next Day, Use Search box to enter commands, See if UAC is enabled on Vista.

Macro Express News - January 2, 2008
v 3.7c, Limit Size of Error Log file, When to uninstall before installing Macro Express, Context Menu Macros, Window Controls on many computers.

Macro Express News - November 21, 2007
v 3.7b, Writing portable macros, Use variables anywhere, Countdown macro, Choose the macro you wish to run, Cory's sample macros, Fixed Outlook with Macro Express.

Macro Express News - June 25, 2007
v 3.7a, Macro Express and Windows Vista, Macro Express and Internet Explorer 7, Enhanced Mouse Cursor Commands, Set Command Line Parameters, What computer is running a macro, Improved define word macro, Multiple Choice Menu tip.

Macro Express News - January 31, 2007
v 3.6, Macro Express website, Macro Express and IE7, Macro Express and Windows Vista, Temporarily Suspend Macro Express, Attach Thread Input in Window Activation, Browser navigation, RGB Color Evaluator, Timers, Move to System Tray icon, Get CPU information.

Macro Express News - May 4, 2006
People's Choice Awards, Back Up Your Macro File, Get Current Macro File, HTML Helper Macros, Define Word Revised (Again), Handy Macros, Installing Macro Express on a Network, Toggle the Touchpad on a Notebook Computer.

Macro Express News - November 4, 2005
v 3.5e, Plain Text, email links, online safety, Automating Screen Capture, Clip Express, IE Toolbar On/Off, Email Template Manager.

Macro Express News - July 13, 2005
v 3.5d, Protect your Macro File using the Backup Options, Wait for Web Page Command Improvement, Variable Evaluation Level, Determine the Default Browser, Time Code Calculators, Date Time, Date Time Differences, Reminders Multi, Launch a Macro Remotely via Email, RSS available.

Macro Express News - December 21, 2004
v 3.5c, Updated sample macro library, Using System Sounds in macros, Email tips.

Macro Express News - August 13, 2004
v 3.5b, Macro Express Discussion Forum, Capture Position of a Mouse Click, Calculator macro, Text to Speech for Macro Express.

Macro Express News - June 18, 2004
v 3.5a, “Macro Express Explained”, Variable Set From Misc, Random Desktop Background, Wait for Web Page for Netscape 7.1, Protect HOSTS File.

Macro Express News - April 12, 2004
v 3.5, File commands changes, TweakMe3, Scan Banned Processes, Delay starting Macro Express, Reload Preferences, email via your email client, Photoshop macros, Matching HTML tags, Roman Numerals, Alert and Remind, Easy Login, size of a folder, Escape from Help, Escape to Close, Text Type shortkeys, Detect if a macro exits unexpectedly, Date Macros.

Macro Express News - October 28, 2003
PGM Functions, Pop-N-Pass, Date calculations, Example macros, Require 8 characters input.

Macro Express News - July 7, 2003
v 3.4b, Virus causes PEV error, Feature change: Backup, System Tray shortcuts, the order Repeat with Folder returns filenames, Schmoooove - Move the mouse smoothly, Clipboard Helper, Define Text Macro - Revised.

Macro Express News - June 3, 2003
v 3.4a, If and Wait Mouse Cursor, Text Type to a Control, Activate Window makes macros more reliable, Macro Timer.

Macro Express News - December 4, 2002
v 3.2, Delays, Get file information, "Break" out of a loop, The Macro Debugger.

Macro Express News - October 8, 2002
v 3.0f, Virus causes Macro Express to stop working, Stop a running macro, Using TweakME3, Suppress Macro Aborted Message, Change preferences from a macro, Change the default preferences, Determining the state of a checkbox.

Macro Express News - August 16, 2002
v 3.0e, McAfee Anti-Virus false positive, Macro Express 3 v 3.0e and Windows 95, 98 and NT, Macro Express 3 Discussion Groups (newsgroups), Cancel in Variable Set String from Prompt.

Macro Express News - April 17, 2002
v 3.0d, Macro Express 3 Discussion Groups (newsgroups), The ISS Bug Reporter, Macro Stop vs. Macro Return, Convert text to upper/lower case, Log Errors command, Macro Command Categories, Automatically backup your macro file.

Macro Express News - February 15, 2002
v 3.0c, Upgrading to Macro Express 3, More Macro Express Downloads, umlockworkstation, umautoshutdown, Launch a program associated with a file type, Variable formatting, Copy Command Text.

Macro Express News - March 12, 2001
v 2.1e, Activate Window command options, umdefineword, use XCOPY in a macro.

Macro Express News - January 22, 2001
v 2.1d, FAQ Knowledgebase, Windows 2000 and ME, umautocorrect, umpgmfunctions, Macro Subroutines, use Log Message to debug, Suspend Macro Express, Custom Icons.

Macro Express News - October 5, 2000
v 2.1c, Autosave macro.

Macro Express News - August 23, 2000
v 2.1b, Runtime 216 Error, Silent Install.

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