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December 21, 2004

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1 Macro Express v 3.5c is released
2 - Updated sample macro library
3 - Tip: Using System Sounds in your macros
4 - Email tips
5 - Past issues of the Macro Express News

1 - Macro Express v 3.5c is released

Macro Express 3 version 3.5c has been released and is now available for download from our site at All licensed Macro Express 3 users can download and install this update without cost.

Changes include:

- Fixed a bug that occurred in computers with the system clock set for a 24 hour display. The scheduled macro dialogs would only accept a 12 hour clock setting and would not allow macros to be scheduled to run after noon.
- Added the ability in the Sound Wave macro command to play sounds assigned to system events.
- Added the keypad decimal key as a hotkey.
- Made several improvements to the FTP commands.
- Improved the Get File Version command so that it handles different code pages better.

After installing Macro Express 3, you can click Start | Programs | Macro Express | What's New for a complete list of changes. You may also view the list of changes on the web by visiting

2 - Updated sample macro library

Macro Express v 3.5c includes an updated and improved library of sample macros. This macro library is installed in the folder where the Macro Express program files are installed. Open the samples.mex macro library by clicking File, Open Macro File, browse to the folder where you installed Macro Express, and click on samples.mex.

These samples demonstrate things like how to Access a program in the System Tray, Hide a program, and Process a csv file.

A customer recently asked us for a way to get "the version of Macro Express so I can paste it into Bug Reports and Requests for Features." The 'Get Miscellaneous Information' sample macro demonstrates 3 different ways to get the Macro Express version number.

3 - Tip: Using System Sounds in your macros

As mentioned in past issues of the Macro Express News (, macros that include sound can be very attention grabbing. However, if you are distributing your macro for others to use, using sounds means that you need to distribute one or more .wav files in addition to your macro. And, if you are using Speakit (, you need to ensure that the speakit option is installed on all computers using your macro. Sometimes I choose not to include sounds in my macros simply to avoid these additional complications.

New with Macro Express v 3.5c is the ability to play 'System Sounds'. These are the sounds assigned by Windows to certain events that occur. For example, you can assign a sound that is played when a new program is launched. You can assign a sound to be played when the program is closed or minimized. These sounds are managed by the Sounds control panel applet.

Now you can get the user's attention audibly using the System Sounds already defined in Windows. For example, the System Exclamation sound is played when certain error messages appear. To have your macro play this system sound, simply put 'SystemExclamation' in the Wave File field of the Sound Wave File command. And, you have the added advantage of playing the sound the user has defined for a System Exclamation. Each user's computer plays the sound they are used to.

Some System Sounds are defined by Windows. Other System Sounds are available only in certain versions of Windows or when certain options or applications have been installed. The only trick to using System Sounds in your macros is identifying the name of the sound.

Note that if the user does not have a sound assigned to a System Event, then your macro will not be able to play that sound either.

To discover the names of the system sounds, I did some exploring in the registry. Not all of the sounds I discovered exist on all the computers I examined. Here are some of the system sounds that you may be able to use:


4 - Email tips

Recently we have had reports from customers who were not receiving email messages we sent to them. Sometimes when we resend the message it gets through. Other times we have to send via an alternate email account.

If you have not received a reply to an email message you sent to us, please be patient. Try resending the message. You may want to try sending the message from a different email account. Let us know that you have not received a reply. We may be receiving your messages but you are not receiving ours.

According to a recent study, 1.57% of email messages never make it. During testing, one free email provider lost 10% of the email messages sent to it. Email is not 100% reliable.

5 - Past issues of the Macro Express News

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