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December 22, 2008

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Macro Express Pro!

A major update of Macro Express has been just been released. Here are some of the major new features in Macro Express Pro:
  1. Run more than one macro at the same time.
  2. Edit multiple macros at the same time using the tabbed Script Editor.
  3. Have more than one macro file loaded at a time.
  4. Variables can now be named.
  5. Additional variable types: Boolean, Handle, and Date/Time.
  6. Date/Time commands allow easier date and time comparisons in your macros.
  7. Many new macro activations.
  8. The Text Box Display command now allows you to set fonts and colors.
  9. Macros can now be activated when a hotkey is pressed down, not when it is released.
  10. Macros now run faster.
There is much more that cannot be listed here. You can read more by visiting or by trying it. As with all of our products, Macro Express Pro has a free 30 day trial. Download Macro Express Pro from

Please join us on the new Macro Express Pro forum at to discuss features, ask questions and report problems.

Macro Express 3 will continue to be sold under the name 'Macro Express'. Macro Express Pro is meant to fill the needs of the more advanced, or 'Pro', user. For a limited time Macro Express Pro is priced at $59.95. Special upgrade discounts are available. Upgrade soon, before the regular prices go into effect.

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