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March 3, 2009

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1 - Macro Express Pro v
2 - Case Studies: How others are using Macro Express
3 - Tip: In line comments on commands with no dialog box
4 - Shared Macro: Hidden Window manager
5 - Sample Macro: Toggle Online/Offline
6 - Apology to Macro Express News subscribers
7 - Past issues of the Macro Express News

 1 - Macro Express Pro v

Macro Express Pro v is now available from Changes include:
  • Reimplemented the filter on the debug variable pane.
  • Code Snippets now support inline comments.
  • Added 'Explorer', 'Recycle Bin', 'Capture Macro' and 'Quick Wizards' to the menus.
  • The log message command now includes the name of the macro.
  • Added wait for mouse cursor to change.
  • Added an option to disable the clipboard hook.
  • The 'Post Message' command will now accept handle variables.
  • Fixed a bug where the program would not accept decimal points other than '.'.
  • Fixed a bug where embedded variables like %T[%N[1]%]% did not always get evaluated correctly.
  • Fixed some issues with the Switch Case commands.
  • Made the 'timeout' scheduled macros more accurate.
  • Fixed a problem with the scope.
  • Fixed some conversion errors.
A complete list of changes is available at:

 2 - Case Studies: How others are using Macro Express

The previous issue of the Macro Express News email newsletter included links to stories about how other people are using Macro Express Pro. This prompted people to send us more case studies, including one about Macro Express.
Reading real-world experiences about how Macro Express and Macro Express Pro are helping other companies, organizations and individuals is informative and can give you ideas about how Macro Express can better help you. To read case studies previously published visit the 'How Customers Use Macro Express' page at

P. Ferris and Cory Jackson will receive a Macro Express T-shirt because they sent us contributions that we used.

 3 - Tip: In line comments on commands with no dialog box

Several customers have asked "How do I add comments in-line to commands with no dialog box such as 'Mouse Left Click'?"

With the Script Editor open, highlight a line in the macro script and click on the Insert Comments button. This option opens a Comments edit box. Type any comments about the line in the script in the this field and click OK to insert the comments next to the command listed in the script.

The Insert Comments button is on the right side of the script editor. Hover over the icons there and the title of the icon will be displayed.

Applies to: Macro Express Pro.

 4 - Shared Macro: Hidden Window Manager

A Macro Express user with the pseudonym of Caddywhompus has submitted a collection of three macros that he calls the ultimate 'boss' system. What they do is allow you to hide up to ten windows and later restore them.

These macros were written in Macro Express 3 but may be imported to Macro Express Pro v or later.

To download these macros and to read more visit

To see all Shared Macros please visit

We will send Caddywhompus a T-shirt in appreciation for his contribution. However Caddywhompus said "I do not wish to publish actual contact information." We wonder why!

 5 - Sample Macro: Toggle Online/Offline

When reading email messages it is generally clear which ones are legitimate and which ones are spam or junk. However, occasionally, it is difficult to tell. The simple act of opening an email message can signal to the sender that you have opened it and that the email address they sent it to is valid. This can result in more spam being sent to that email address. Some email clients have a setting that prevents the display of embedded images for just this reason.

My habit has been to disconnect my computer from the internet before opening questionable email messages or before running programs that I am not certain about. At first, several years ago, I would physically disconnect the network cable from my computer. Then later, conveniently, a feature was added to the internet security software that I use to toggle the network connection by clicking on an icon in the command line. This was a great convenience that still allowed safe viewing of questionable messages.

This year I updated that internet security software. Much to my dismay, this useful feature was removed. I immediately began my search for an alternate solution. Again, Macro Express came to the rescue and the 'Toggle Online/Offline' macro was born.

I am sharing this macro so you too can enjoy safety when reading questionable email messages. More information, including how to download this macro, can be found at

This macro was written for Macro Express Pro. It will not run in Macro Express 3.

To see all Sample Macros please visit

 6 - Apology to Macro Express News subscribers

We apologize to subscribers to the Macro Express News email newsletter for the spam email you may have received on February 26, 2008. This spam message was not sent by us.

Over the past few days we have worked with our internet hosting provider to determine how this occurred and how to prevent it in the future. A specific configuration setting along with actions on the part of the spammer combined to allow a single spam message to be sent.

With the assistance of our internet hosting provider we have reviewed configuration settings and made changes that will prevent this in the future. A careful analysis indicates that the mail system itself was not hacked and subscriber's email addresses were not disclosed to the spammer. For continued security we cannot disclose further details about the technique used.

Each and every day we receive dozens of attempts to send spam messages to list subscribers. To our knowledge only two spam messages have ever leaked through. The last incident was over 8 years ago. We appreciate the patience and understanding of the vast majority of subscribers.

We do not send or condone the sending of unsolicited email messages messages. We do not sell, rent or otherwise share your private information to other firms, organizations or individuals. You can review our complete privacy policy by visiting

 7 - Past issues of the Macro Express News

Are you a new subscriber to the Macro Express News email newsletter? Did you miss an issue? Past newsletters are available online at

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