PGM Functions Library™

The PGM Functions Library can be used with Macro Express and Macro Express Pro.

PGM Functions Library v 3.5.1

Installation Instructions

When the PGM Functions Library is first installed it needs Macro Express Pro to be running as administrator. After the PGM Functions Library has been successfully installed Macro Express Pro does not need to be running as administrator to use the functions from the library.

To install the PGM Functions Library:

  1. Download the PGM Functions Library by clicking on the Download button.
  2. Make sure Macro Express Pro is not running (click File, Terminate Macro Express Editor and Player).
  3. Find the startup shortcut for Macro Express Pro and right-click on it.
  4. Click on Run as Administrator.
  5. The User Account Control dialog may come up. Click on the Yes button in the UAC prompt.
  6. Run the “PGMFunctionsLibrary setup.exe” installer for the PGM Functions Library.
  7. Follow the on screen prompts.

After the PGM Functions Library has been installed it will run the “{ PGM Setup }” macro to initialize registry entries and set things up to run the library.