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Macro Epress 5 Now Available

Productivity, Accuracy and Convenience with the press of a key

Kaysville, UT (January 18, 2019) – The newly released Macro Express 5 software application makes it easier than ever to automate all of those boring repetitive computer tasks that users dread. A redesign of the program simplifies the creation and playback of macros.

A macro is a series of computer commands and actions that can be stored and run whenever needed at a much faster rate than can be done manually.

Macro Express provides three primary methods for creating macros.

  1. Quickly produce macros with the built-in wizards.
  2. Record each step of the process.
  3. For more powerful macros, write them in the editor.

No programming or special skills are required. Anyone can easily create macros to automate sequences that they currently type and click manually.

Create macros for practically any repetitive task. Insert boilerplate text, open programs and web pages or generate reports with a key press. Potentially save hours or even days, not to mention brain cells, by automating mind-numbing data transfer projects.

Besides an elegant new look to Macro Express 5, now insert rich text into applications. Power users will appreciate the improvements to variables – the option to name variables and virtually an unlimited number of variables available for use.

Edit more than one macro at a time to more efficiently copy items from one script to another. Macro Express 5 supports ultra high resolution / 4K monitors. Handling of 64bit applications has been improved. Dozens of other enhancements are also included.

Automate boring, tedious and recurring computer tasks. Macro Express does the job error-free and much faster than humanly possible. Productivity improves, plus it is fun creating macros and watching them run.

Download an evaluation copy from The price for a single license is $49.95 USD.


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