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Macro Express - The Ultimate Productivity Tool

February 11, 2014, Kaysville, UTInsight Software Solutions announces the latest release of its popular Windows automation software, Macro Express v 3.10 – the productivity enhancer.

Customer Jon D. reported the following about his use of Macro Express, “Went from a human processing 2 records a minute to my macros processing 7 records per minute. Human 7 hour day, maybe get 800 to 900 a day. Macros 24 hours day get over 10,000 records a day. Love your product!”

Set macros to run on a schedule during idle hours. Run reports, perform data transfers, backups and much more. Eliminate wasted time, boredom, fatigue and the risk of error that typically accompany the performance of repetitive tasks.

With Macro Express there is no need to waste valuable employee time performing menial computer tasks. Automate repetitive processes and free up employees for more important money generating activities.

Version 3.10 includes a number of enhancements to make it work even better with Windows 8 and later.

Customer Trevor M. related “Ever since we have started using Macro Express in our customer service department we have seen a marked increase in speed and efficiency in our workers. With the use of Macro Express we have increased our email turnaround times by up to 40% on the busiest of days. I don’t know how we ever got by without it.”

Winning Formula: Macro Express + a little thought = skyrocketing productivity
Some thought about what you are doing repetitively on the computer each day or week, plus a little time to develop the macros will result in dramatic productivity boosts. You will soon enjoy the benefits of spending greater amounts of time on more satisfying endeavors.

In short, Macro Express automates boring, repetitive computer tasks. Get the job done quicker, more reliably and with less stress. It pays for itself within days, or sooner.

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