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A single Macro Express Pro macro saves 1,100 hours of work per month

February 8, 2016, Kaysville, UTInsight Software Solutions, Inc. announces the release of Macro Express Pro v, an upgrade to its Windows macro productivity tool. Macro Express Pro automates repetitive computer tasks, boosting productivity and saving time – frequently big chunks of time.

A well known Internet based company wrote a single Macro Express macro that saves their customer service reps two minutes each time it is run. That may not seem significant until learning that the macro is run 33,000 times per month, which equates to saving 1,100 hours per month or almost seven full-time employees. And those are the savings from just one macro.

The macro performs the task consistently and accurately every time. Employees are spared from typing and clicking the same things over and over again throughout the day, freeing them for more productive activities.

Repeatedly performing identical steps leads to boredom and fatigue and as a result errors occur. Macro Express reliably and correctly processes this monotonous work.

Macro Express Pro has been updated to work seamlessly with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. New and updated sample macros are included, providing ideas to help accomplish specific tasks.

A macro is a series of computer commands and actions that can be stored and run whenever needed. Quickly produce macros with the built-in wizards or record each step of the process. For more powerful macros, write them in the editor. No programming or special skills are required.

Create macros for practically any repetitive task. Easily insert boilerplate text, open programs and web pages or generate reports with a key press. Transfer data from a file to a database application – quickly, efficiently and error-free. Depending on the project, Macro Express can save hundreds of hours of mind-numbing data entry.

Visit to see how others are using Macro Express to their advantage.

Macro Express automates boring, tedious and recurring computer tasks. It gets the job done accurately and much faster than performing the same steps manually. Plus, it is fun to use.

Download an evaluation copy from The price for a single license is $69.95 USD.


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