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Macro Epress Pro 6 Now Available

Unleash the power of the computer with Macro Express. Automate all repetitive computer tasks to get those boring jobs done quickly and accurately.

Kaysville, UT (January 18, 2019) Insight Software Solutions announces the release of Macro Express Pro 6, its robust Windows automation tool. Macro Express Pro is the ideal way to record or store repetitive keystroke and mouse entries. Create the macro once and just press a key to play them back much faster than can be done manually.

No programming or special skills are necessary. Anyone can easily create macros using Macro Express. Just record each step of the process or use the built-in wizard. Write more powerful macros using the script editor.

Get more done by creating macros for practically any repetitive task. Insert boilerplate text, open programs and web pages or generate reports with a key press. Potentially save hours or even days by automating mind-numbing data transfer projects.

Below is just one real-life example of how Macro Express boosts productivity by accelerating the speed of tasks performed.

I had to transpose data from an old version of software to a new version. I was tabbing through two data dialogs in the old product – capturing 9 fields of data and then activating new version and automatically inserting these 9 fields across 3 different tabs and layouts.

It (Macro Express) reduced an error prone manual typing task that averaged 1 minute each down to ZERO data errors in 10 seconds each! Multiply 2600 records X 50 seconds and you saved me OVER 30 hours on one job — and no errors!!!

A new redesign of the program makes it easier than ever to use. Improved navigation, enhanced Quick Wizards and the ability to resize dialog windows all speed the creation of macros.

Macro Express Pro 6 supports ultra high resolution / 4K monitors. Keep the program current with an automated update process. Handling of 64bit applications has been improved. Dozens of other enhancements are also included.

Automate boring, tedious and recurring computer tasks. Do it quicker, more accurately and with less stress. Watch productivity soar with Macro Express.

Download an evaluation copy from The price for a single license is $69.95 USD.


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