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Version 3.5d

  1. During macro file synchronization, if the macro file does not exist temporarily, an error message is not displayed
  2. If the license information exists on the clipboard, it can be automatically entered into the program.
  3. A File Not Found error message is now displayed when /IC is used and the specified preference file does not exist.
  4. Importing program configuration via the /IC command line flag will no longer display an error message for non administrator users.
  5. When creating the temporary file for save operations, up to five backups are now kept in the temporary directory.
  6. Added a warning message that, upon program startup, will warn the user that automatic backups are not enabled and will prompt them to enable them.
  7. Changed the default for the automatic backups from never to always.
  8. Added some code to detect how many printers are installed and enable or disable options appropriately.

  9. Bugs Fixed
  10. Fixed a bug where the recapturing of a macro created a second copy of that macro with the new script.
  11. Made an improvement in the Mouse Locator to make it compatable with more programs.
  12. Fixed a bug where in the "E-Mail Send" command, using a variable for a recipient could end up causing the recipient to receive the e-mail multiple times.
  13. If the "Repeat with Process" was embedded inside another repeat loop, the program would jump to the outer loop when a "Repeat Exit" command was executed.
  14. A change was made to the Wait for Web Page command to improve reliability on certain computers.
  15. Fixed a bug where the Launch Program set of commands didn't launch programs properly all of the time.
  16. Made a modification to make switching views in the macro explorer window more reliable.
  17. Modified the code that expands a category of commands in the script editor in an attempt to make it more reliable.
  18. Fixed a bug where a copied macro would not be playable right away.
  19. Fixed a bug in the "E-Mail Send" command where the user could not adjust the "Display e-mail sent notification" option.
  20. Fixed a bug where shifted international keystrokes could not be entered while running Macro Express.
  21. Fixed a range check error that could occur while resizing a window.
  22. On computers with multiple monitors, the About box is now displayed centered on the same monitor as the main form.
  23. Modified the ShortKeys implementation in order to make activation more reliable.
  24. Modified the routines that handle the macro file so that the tables required to locate macros is always up-to-date.
  25. Fixed a bug that could cause ShortKeys to stop functioning when using the "Send HotKey for Window Activation" option.
  26. Fixed an out of memory error that could occur if the user attempts to load a text file into a string variable that is too large.
  27. In a "Text Type" command, if the <RCTRL> command is used twice successively (i.e. <RCTRL><RCTRL>) then the key will be pressed and released. This also holds true for the <LCTRL> command.
  28. Fixed a bug where the "If Ping Successful" command could return a successful result, even if it wasn't successful.
  29. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user attempted to run a playable macro while the player is suspended.
  30. When the Apply button is clicked in the Preferences dialog, the View setting is no longer reset.
  31. The menu style is set to the default value when the 'Restore Defaults' button is clicked in the preferences panel.
  32. Fixed a bug where monthly scheduled macros stopped working after the beginning of the new year.
  33. Fixed a bug in ProcessVars that could occur if % characters were near a variable reference.
  34. The Network Connect command now uses the Name and Password used to log onto Windows if the 'Use Default Name and Password' option is checked.
  35. After a program configuration is imported, the correct program version is now written to the registry, overwriting the incorrect version from the program configuration.
  36. Made a change so that Macro Express will be able to detect a time format change, even while it is running.
  37. Fixed a bug where the Tile Desktop Vertically and Tile Desktop Horizontally commands did not respond to copy and paste.
  38. Fixed a crash that occured in the Date/Time command when the command was created in one international region and used in another.
  39. Fixed a crash that could occur in the "Default Printer" command.
  40. Made a change to prevent a crash that occurs when populating the macro explorer.
  41. Made a change to prevent a crash after capturing a macro.
  42. Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting a script segment into the script editor.
  43. Made an adjustment to correct a crash that occurs when deleting files with the "Delete File/Files" command.
  44. Fixed a crash caused by running a blank macro.
  45. Fixed a crash that could occur while importing the program's configuration from the commandline.
  46. Fixed a crash that could occur when launching a macro.
  47. Fixed a crash that could occur when running the "Wait for Webpage" command.
  48. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the "Wait for Webpage" command.

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