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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Made a change to the 'Multiple Choice Menu' command where options above '9' will return an ASCII character starting at character 90 and up through 255.
  2. Made a modification to the 'Idle Time' schedule to make it more reliable.
  3. Added support for 64-bit processes.
  4. The 'Save settings as defaults for all users' now includes the option to show the Quick Start Guide.
  5. Export Program Configuration now includes the Show Quick Start Guide if it is in the PerMachine area of the preferences.
  6. When displaying any kind of dialog within a macro and then closing that dialog, the focused window will now be controlled by the OS.
  7. When recapturing a macro, any existing scope is now preserved.
  8. Added the ability to use variables in the 'Goto' command.
  9. Macros contained in a category (or subcategory) which contains a view password will no longer be displayed in the 'All Categories' view.
  10. Improved the responsiveness of the program when using 'Window Title' activated macros.
  11. Removed the file creation prompt that occurred when the program was first started.
  12. If a macro is open in the script editor and the user tries to view that macro's properties in the explorer, the user will be told to modify the macro using the editor.
  13. Made a change to the 'Daily' schedule to indicate that it runs every xx days.
  14. Changed the default for the 'Window Specific' scope so that the window must be on top.
  15. Added a help topic for the Set/Clear Password(s) dialog for categories.
  16. When displaying the password prompt, the macro's name is now included in the prompt's text.
  17. Added an option to the 'Variable Set From File' command to save the various file dates to a Date/Time variable.
  18. When the program scans for potential ShortKey conflicts, disabled macros are no longer scanned.
  19. When pressing the 'play' button in the 'Sound File' command, if an environment variable is used as a part of the path, it will be properly expanded during the playback of the sound.

    Bugs Fixed

  20. Fixed a problem where the treeview in the 'Variable Set String: Prompt for Foldername' command didn't have focus.
  21. Made a change to the 'Variable Set String: Set to Enviroment Variable' dialog.
  22. Fixed a bug in the 'PostMessage' command where it would erroneously display an undefined/incorrect variable message when using the script editor.
  23. Fixed some erroneous syntax errors and indentation in the script editor when using the 'If File Attribute' command.
  24. Fixed a bug where the 'Variable Set String: Prompt for Filename' would return a 'Dialog Cancelled' error if the variable was preset with a path ending with a backslash.
  25. Fixed a bug where the 'Use wildcards' checkbox was not persistent in the 'Wait for Window' command.
  26. Fixed a problem with indenting in the script editor.
  27. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Wait for File Ready' command.
  28. Fixed a memory leak in the 'Macro Run' command.
  29. Fixed a bug in the control commands where wildcards were improperly processed.
  30. Fixed problems in the CONFIGFILEPATH advanced installation option.
  31. Fixed a problem where some of the preferences settings were imported incorrectly.
  32. Fixed a bug where the capture option wouldn't work until the macro's hotkey was pressed.
  33. Fixed a bug in the explorer where a macro in a category that has a run password on it could still be run from the category.
  34. Fixed a bug where the 'Import' dialog would appear offscreen.
  35. Fixed a bug in the 'Variable Set Bool' command where some of the conditions were displayed incorrectly.
  36. Fixed a printing error where, if a line is disabled, the line number that follows it was printed with a strike through it.

  37. Crashes Fixed

  38. Fixed a problem where the backup process would crash the program when Windows is shutting down while Macro Express is running.
  39. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the 'If File Attribute' command.
  40. Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when editing a recaptured macro.
  41. Fixed a crash that occurred when resorting the recycle bin.
  42. Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a macro in the script editor.
  43. Fixed a bug that would allow Macro Express to run the same macro multiple times simultaneously, thus causing a crash in the program.
  44. Fixed a crash that could occur after using the Quick Wizards.

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