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  1. The error messages in the script editor concerning variables is now more descriptive. It will tell you the name of the variable and what is wrong with it.
  2. When adding a month to a date time variable that is set to the last day of the month and the next month has fewer days, the date will be set to the last day of the month.
  3. Made the program a little more fault tolerant with variables in a situation where the user enters a space in a field that is expecting only a variable, for instance, the destination integer field in the 'Variable Set Integer' command.
  4. The 'Run Control Panel Applet' command on Windows Vista and 7 now shows more applets.
  5. Added an initial delay to the Wait Web Page command to make the command work more reliably on more computers.
  6. Wait for Web Page delay values are now in the registry to allow a user to adjust them for their specific computer if necessary.
  7. Updated Wait for Web Page feature of the Web Site command to be more reliable.
  8. When the player closes, the script editor will now prompt you to save any modified macros.
  9. If a file path in the preferences uses the TEMP directory, a virtual value is saved so the path can be portable between different computers and versions of Windows.
  10. Added a 'MessageBox' command.
  11. Increased the maximum value size of the 'Variable Set String From INI File' from 256 characters to 1024.
  12. The help has been changed with an updated look and feel.

  13. Bugs Fixed

  14. Fixed a bug where the command pane could get confused and displayed the wrong information.
  15. The Edit > Duplicate Command menu item in the script editor is now enabled and disabled properly when script items are selected and deselected.
  16. Fixed a bug in the Date/Time command where milliseconds were being included when the user either selected to use a specific date/time or was prompted for the date/time.
  17. Fixed a bug where it was not possible to use the 'Variable Modify Date' command with dates prior to 12/30/1899.
  18. Fixed a bug in the "Date/Time" command where the resulting date and time would be incorrect if the date were prior to 12/30/1899.
  19. Fixed a bug in the 'Output Macro Information' dialog where the default file extension was not added.
  20. Fixed a bug where the 'Close Macro File' command would not read variables.
  21. Made a change to the 'Wait for Text' command in how it reads the text from the keyboard.
  22. Fixed a conversion issue where macros assigned to the 'Keypad .' hotkey were assigned the 'Enter' key instead.
  23. Fixed a bug in the 'Miscellaneous Keys' where the CAPS Lock key had a typo.
  24. If one crash has been reported via ISS Bug Reporter, we do not report subsequent crashes.
  25. Fixed a bug on some computers were the 64-bit process would not launch.
  26. If the macro file does not exist (usually due to another error) the program does not attempt to back it up.
  27. If the Backup Location is set to 'Backup to a specific path' but the 'Backup path' is blank backup files are saved in the folder where the macro file is located.
  28. Made a change to make the 'Lose Focus' option in several dialog commands more reliable.
  29. Made a change to keep the running man icon from staying in the system tray after the macro has terminated.
  30. Made a change to prevent two reminder dialogs being displayed when the program shuts down.
  31. Clicking Buy Now in the Explorer or Player now brings up the order page.
  32. Fixed a bug in the 'Email Send' command where a blank error could occur.
  33. Fixed a bug where the 'Clear Variables' command did not clear the global variables of a parent macro.
  34. Fixed a problem where the TCP/IP connection state would be monitored even if there were no macros to be executed when the TCP/IP state changes.
  35. Fixed a crash that could occur when loading data for a macro.
  36. Fixed a bug where the wrong macro tab was selected if the tabs had been scrolled to see additional open macros.
  37. Made a change to the 64-bit hook to reduce the occurrence of system lockups.
  38. Fixed the browse buttons for the 'Temporary path for external scripts', 'Favorites filename' and 'Snippets filename' in Options, Preferences, File System.

  39. Crashes Fixed

  40. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when switching between open macros in the script editor.
  41. Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a macro.
  42. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the 'Get Array Length' command with an undefined variable.
  43. Fixed a crash that occurred when entering 12/30/1899 into a date field.
  44. Made a change so if the user attempts to set a date/time variable above the maximum value 12/31/9999 11:59:59:999 pm or below the minimum of 1/1/100 12:00:00:000 am the program will not crash but keep the value at the appropriate boundary.
  45. Made a change to reduce crashes when using a 'Wait for Text' or 'Wait for Keypress' command.
  46. Fixed a crash that occurred when using a Goto command.
  47. Fixed a crash that occurred when double-clicking in the blank area of the snippets pane.
  48. Made a change to prevent a crash that would occur when loading the variables from the macro file.
  49. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the 'Lock Macro Player' command.
  50. Fixed a crash that occurred when loading the log information from the macro file.
  51. Fixed a crash in the 'Restore Macro(s)' recycle bin link.

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