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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Added the ability to paste rich text using the Text Type command.
  2. Added a 'Run macro without testing' button to the script editor.
  3. Added a new method for using controls. Controls can now be located using their on-screen coordinates.
  4. If a user clicks on the 'Run Macro Now' button in the explorer, and the macro file has been renamed or moved, a message will display indicating that the macro file does not exist.
  5. When executing a 'Macro run', if the file that contains the macro is moved or renamed, a 'File cannot be found' error will be displayed.
  6. When using a variable construct such as %T[%N[1]%]%, if the variable inside the brackets exceeds the range of the array variable (i.e. %T[0]%), then the error message will reflect this.
  7. Optimized the 'Test Run' to run faster.
  8. Optimized the 'Split String' command.
  9. Added an option to not parse embedded variables in the 'Variable Set String' command to make it easier to create variables for the 'Run Macro in Variable' command.
  10. Made a significant performance increase when dealing with variables.

  11. Bugs Fixed

  12. Fixed a bug in the debug variables window where, if a construct such as '%T[%N[1]%]%' was used, the display would be incorrect.
  13. Modified the macro locking/unlocking to correct a bug where a macro would not always be unlocked for editing in network mode.
  14. Fixed a bug in the Date/Time command where the date could not be set accurately if setting it prior to 12/30/1899.
  15. Fixed a lockup that was caused by using the 'Macro Enable' command too many times successively.
  16. Fixed a bug where binary data could not be placed in text variables.
  17. Fixed a bug where the user would not be prompted to save an edited macro if the script editor was closed by right-clicking its taskbar icon.
  18. Fixed a bug where the command category pane would not redraw properly.
  19. The icons in the Select an Icon dialog are now rearranged as the dialog is resized.

  20. Crashes Fixed

  21. Fixed a crash that occurred when running the 'Update text box' command.
  22. Fixed a crash that occurred when restoring a macro from the recycle bin.
  23. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when closing tabs in the script editor.
  24. Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking the 'Save and Close' button too many times too quickly.

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