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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Adjusted look and feel of the program in many areas.
  2. Made changes to allow the program to be used on computers with high DPI settings such as those with 4K monitors.
  3. Added Variable Set Decimal to Display Size Multiplier command to allow macros to adjust for different DPI screen settings.
  4. Updated the installer.
  5. Updated the macros in samples.mex.
  6. Added On Error tab to Repeat Counter, Message Box, Set File Attributes and Wallpaper commands. This change can cause existing macros to display a warning message for errors that were previously ignored.
  7. Removed 'The ' from many of the Error Codes to make it easier to locate a specific error in the Catch Error command.
  8. Most running macros are now listed when the mouse is hovered over the running man icon.
  9. When the player starts it now waits for macro files to be ready before attempting to load them. It waits up to 15 seconds for each macro file to become available.
  10. Updated Notes Tab with new formatting options.
  11. Made changes so Windows is more likely to display icons in the notification area when 'Show Icons and Notifications' is selected for the specific icon.
  12. A warning message is now displayed before a macro file is packed that informs the user that popup and floating menus may need to be recreated after packing.
  13. The If Window and If Not Window commands now list Handle variables for the Window Title field when the Variables tab is clicked.
  14. Solitary usage is now available for the 'Use Suffix' shortkey option.
  15. A message is displayed if 'Use Suffix' is selected and Solitary usage is disabled offering to enable it.
  16. Shortkey activated macros include a "To Play Back" box in the Activations tab of the Script Editor.
  17. If an attempt is made to edit a command without a command dialog the comments dialog is now displayed.
  18. A hint is displayed describing the normal use of a reserved for or restricted by Windows HotKey when it is highlighted in the HotKey selection dialog.
  19. Added Win+Alt+S to the list of keys restricted to Windows because Windows 10 no longer allows use of this hotkey.
  20. Made a change to the MessageBox command so it is more likely to be displayed in the foreground.
  21. Updated the list of sounds available from the system in the Sound File command and the Play a Sound options in the Preferences.
  22. Moved Show Sidebar and Show Toolbar options to the Preferences, Appearance dialog.
  23. Added ability to choose which columns to display in the Macro Explorer Grid.
  24. When the program runs for the first time it no longer asks if you want to create a new macro file.
  25. Renamed 'Error Log' to 'Macro Log'.
  26. Added the ability to Log Unusual Events to note errors that should not crash the program.
  27. Added a warning if any of the Macro Logs in the Default Macro Log Folder are too large.
  28. Made changes in many dialogs so F1 now brings up the appropriate help topic.
  29. A message is now displayed if the Play Temporary Macro command has a problem.
  30. Adjusted colors used in UAC prompt on Windows 10.
  31. Updated check to see if a license was entered for a different version of Macro Express.
  32. Importing macros is now faster.
  33. Updated the progress bar displayed when macros are imported or exported.
  34. Warning and error message dialogs are now more likely to be displayed on top of other windows.
  35. Bugs Fixed

  36. Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2014-0994 relating to bitmap images.
  37. Fixed a problem with the Mouse Locator in the Portable version.
  38. Fixed a problem launching the Mouse Locator from command dialogs.
  39. Fixed a problem where some processes were missing from the list of processes.
  40. Fixed a bug in Volume control commands.
  41. Fixed a crash that could occur when Scroll Lock + Pause is used to halt a macro.
  42. Fixed a bug where samples.mex could be loaded as a second macro file when 'Close open macro files before loading another macro file' option is enabled.
  43. Fixed a possible lockup that could occur when two or more macro file backups occur at the same time.
  44. Fixed a problem where the width of the columns in the Macro Express Explorer window could be set to 0 and could only be restored using the Restore Toolbars option.
  45. Fixed a bug where certain syntax errors would cause a crash.
  46. Fixed a bug where the Scope was not being saved when a macro was captured using the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X hotkey.
  47. Fixed a bug that could cause the program to forget which macro files are loaded.
  48. Fixed a bug that could cause the backup location and pattern to be reset.
  49. The password can no longer be blank in the Password Protection command.
  50. Made a change to prevent multiple Password Prompts being displayed at the same time.
  51. Made a change to prevent a crash that could occur if the program was closed while the splash screen was displayed.
  52. Fixed a problem with the /NQS command line option.
  53. The hint displayed when the mouse is hovered over the capture macro icon now says 'Capturing macro'.
  54. Fixed a problem where you could not export to a macro file that already exists even if you answered Yes to overwrite it.

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