Revision History

Macro Express 5

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Macro Express v (2018-11-20)

- New redesign of the program makes it easier than ever to use Macro Express.
- Insert rich text into other applications.
- Assign names to variables to more readily identify them.
- No limit to the number of variables per macro.
- Edit more than one macro at a time.
- Support for ultra-high definition / 4K monitors.
- Update data displayed in a text box in real time during macro playback.
- Optionally display additional information in the Macro Express Explorer window.
- Themes allow choices that adjust the look and feel of the program. Choose from predefined or custom themes.
- Choose between large or small icons within the program.
- Choose fonts for specific areas of the program.
- The About box now indicates when a update is available.
- An optional automated update process is included to ensure you are using the latest version.
- Dozens of fixes and other enhancements.


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