Sample Macro Collection

Sample Macros for Macro Express Pro

Written by Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

What it does

These macros demonstrate many of the features in Macro Express Pro. Study these macros to learn how to use specific macro commands in your own macros. The collection consists of several macros contained in the macro file samples.mex.

This macro file may already be on your system. When Macro Express Pro is installed the samples.mex file is installed in the same folder as the default Macro Express Pro macro file.

To install

Download the macro file and save it to your hard drive. Unzip the file samples.mex and save it in the folder where you store your macro file(s). Open the macro file by clicking ‘File’, ‘Open Macro File’.

To use

When the macro file samples.mex is loaded into Macro Express the ‘Menu of Sample Macros’ macro should automatically run. This scheduled macro displays a menu of the available sample macros. Click next to one of the macros and click the OK button to run it. Another way to run the sample macros is to press Alt+P to activate a pop up menu. The sample macros may also be run individually using the Macro Explorer to launch them.


 – Macro Express Pro