Macro Express Pro

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Quick Wizards Screenshot

Quick Wizards allow you to create macros that can later be customized to your specific requirements.

Use over 2 dozen "Quick Wizards" that are available to guide you every step of the way to create a macro. The wizards allow you to create macros to perform specific tasks such as typing text, symbols or keystrokes into programs. Or paste text or graphics into programs, launch programs or web sites, type out the date or time, connect network drives, dial-up Internet connections, reboot, logoff, create reminders, enter sweepstake contests on the web, set default printers, set screen display resolutions, adjust sound volume, treble and bass, play audio CDs, move and resize windows, copy and rename files, open explorer folders and more. Other wizards let you capture your keyboard and mouse activity as a macro, build macros by combining other macros, and build popup menus containing macros.

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