Shared Macros

Shared Macros

Save time by using a macro someone else has written. Find macros that look up word definitions, create reminders, sign onto applications and log into websites, or add an 'Auto Correct' feature to any application. Or learn how to write macros by looking at macros written by others.

Are you a macro expert? Did you solve a problem with a creative macro? Do you want to help others or just show off your skill? Share your macro with others and get a Macro Express T-shirt as thanks.

Sample Macros

Do you want a macro to determine what CPU your computer is using, protect your HOSTS file, demonstrate how to use Window Controls, have your macro hide a program or repeat macro commands in a loop? These sample macros written by Insight Software Solutions demonstrate all this and more.

Custom Macros

Do you need someone to write custom macros for your company or organization? Would you like to write macros for others? Ask about custom macro development.

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