Macro Express and ShortKeys

You CAN have it all!

Have the ultimate in macro automation. Macro Express and ShortKeys together!

With ShortKeys, you type an abbreviation and ShortKeys plays replacement text. This can be as short as an often misspelled word or as long as several paragraphs.

Macro Express contains many of the features in ShortKeys and much more!

Macro Express offers many other methods for executing macros. These include the use of Hot Keys, Timed Macros, Window Activation, Mouse Clicks, Popup/Floating Menus and others. There is no limit to the number of macros you can define in Macro Express. Each macro can be up to 64 K in size. And if that isn’t enough, you can have an unlimited number of macro files each containing different sets of macros.

Design macros to play back in all programs or specific applications or specific windows. Macro Express has over 800 macro commands allowing control of nearly every aspect of your computer and the applications you use.

Use ShortKeys and Macro Express at the same time!

  • Have two ways to activate shortkey macros. One defined in ShortKeys and the other in Macro Express.
  • ShortKeys has the Replace Word feature that allows you to add one additional letter to your shortkey and change the ending of a word in the replacement text.