User Submitted Macro


Written by Jerry Whittaker

What it does

This macro demonstrates a unique use of Macro Express. It uses Macro Express to add an selectable automatic save feature to WordPad. Of course, it could be adapted to any other application. The use of different icons in the floating menu to indicate whether the autosave is on or off is a particularly creative implementation. It demonstrates several Macro Express features.

To install

Download the file umautosave.exe and run it. This macro needs to be installed in the same directory where Macro Express is already installed.

To use

In the Macro Express Editor, click File | Open Macro File. Then browse and load the Autosave.mex macro file. Open WordPad and click on the Macro Express floating menu. If you choose Autosave, the WordPad file will be automatically saved every minute. If you choose Autosave with Confirmation, you will be asked to save WordPad file. If you choose neither, the Autosave feature will not be turned on. Notice that when either Autosave option has been selected, the Macro Express floating menu has a yellow color instead of only gray.

How it works

Two timed macros are defined, Autosave-Confirmed and Autosave-Not Confirmed. Only one timed macro is used at a time. Which macro used depends on which Autosave option is chosen. If neither Autosave option is chosen, then both timed macros are disabled. The icon is changed by copying autosave-on.ico or autosave-off.ico over the the top of autosave.ico before the timed macros are enabled or disabled.

** Jerry wins a Macro Express T-shirt for his submission.