User Submitted Macro

Define Word Revision 4

Written by Michael Stevens

What it does

This is the fourth version of the ever popular Define Word macro. This macro uses Macro Express and your Internet connection to look up the definition of any highlighted word at a number of online dictionaries.

To install

Download the file umdefinewordrev4.mex and save it on your hard drive. Open this macro file or import the macro into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

To use

Highlight a word and press Ctrl+/.

How it works

This macro works with either Firefox or Internet Explorer. It also takes advantage of the multiple tabs in your browser. As written, it opens 4 tabs, each to a different online dictionary or thesauris.

Michael says “The original was too slow because it was waiting for the web page to load before pasting the word into the form. There is no need to do this – you can just append the word onto the end of the URL, and then open the web browser with the completed URL as a parameter.”


Submitted by

Michael Stevens
Martin and Rada Shapiro
Lance Neustaeter
Mark Bender

Date published

June 25, 2007
May 4, 2006
July 7, 2003
March 12, 2001

Studying the revisions made by each submitter is instructive and can inspire improvements in other macros.


This macro will work with Internet Explorer or Firefox. It could easily be modified to work with other browsers.

** Michael Stevens wins a Macro Express T-shirt for this submission.