Sample Macro

Enable/Disable Touchpad

Written by Kevin Heaton, Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

What it does

When I type on my notebook computer, my hands brush against the touchpad causing extraneous mouse movements and clicks. When I plug in a mouse I don’t need the touchpad. It is possible to disable the touchpad but it requires clicking on a checkbox in a Control Panel applet. This macro uses features in the touchpad driver software on an HP Pavilion Notepad computer to toggle the touchpad on and off.

To install

Download the macro file umenabledisabletouchpad.mxe and save it to your hard drive where you store your macro file(s).

Do the following to configure the Alps touchpad software:
 – Open the Control Panel
 – Click on the Mouse icon
 – Click on the Other tab
 – Click on the ‘Settings for Easy Launcher’ button
 – Click on the ‘New’ button
 – Change the ‘Files of type’ from Programs to All Files
 – Navigate to the location on your hard drive where you stored the umenabledisabletouchpad.mxe file
 – Click on umenabledisabletouchpad.mxe to highlight it
 – Click the Open button
 – Click the OK button
 – Click the OK button

To use

Right-click on the touchpad icon in the system tray. Click on Easy Launcher and then click on the Macro Express M icon in the Easy Launcher menu.

How it works

This macro opens the Mouse control panel applet, selects the Other tab, and clicks on the ‘Use TouchPad and PS/2 mouse’ checkbox to toggle the setting. The position of the mouse pointer is saved and restored.


  • Macro Express 3.5 or later
  • An HP Pavilion notebook computer with a touchpad that uses the Alps touchpad driver.
    If you use a different computer you may be able to modify this macro to work for you.
  • This macro was tested with Version 5.4.1501.9 of the Alps Pointing device driver software.