Sample Macro

Multiple Inputs

Written by Kevin Heaton, Insight Software Solutions, Inc.
Based on the original work by Floyd Watergil of Macros, LLC

What it does

This macro demonstrates how to create a form containing multiple inputs. When it runs it displays a form that includes edit fields, radio buttons, check boxes and dropdown choices.

To install

Download the macro file ummultipleinputs.mex and save it to your hard drive. Open the macro file or import the macro into your existing macro file by clicking File, Import, Import Macros.

To use

Right-click the ‘Multiple Inputs Form’ macro in the Macro Explorer window and choose the ‘Run Macro Now’ option. Enter and select information in the form and click the OK button.

How it works

This macro uses the External Script command to display a form in HTA (HTML Application) script. The HTA script contains VBScript to accept the user input and create a playable macro that will set Macro Express variables with the results. Macro Express Pro then runs the playable macro to get the results into variables.

The macro demonstrates how to use the External Script and Load Macro Text File commands. It also demonstrates HTA, VBScript and how to create a playable macro.


 – Macro Express Pro