Macro Express Pro 4 Video Tutorials

View the tutorial videos to learn how to use Macro Express Pro 4 and create macros using step-by-step instructions. The free Adobe Flash Player add-on is required.

Overview (6:27 minutes)
This video provides a brief overview of the features in Macro Express Pro. Create macros. Enter text into an application. Create reminder macros. Run programs when your computer starts up. Run a macro in Excel. Popup menus. Multiple choice menu.
Macro Express Pro is limited only by your imagination
The ASCII Text File command allows you to use information from other programs in a macro. Using this command is a quicker and more reliable way to copy data from one application to another than using Copy and Paste macro commands.
Uses ASCII File Begin Process, ASCII File End Process, Text Type, Scripting Editor.
Copy and Paste (7:36 minutes)
Create a macro to Copy and Paste information from one application to another.
Uses Window Specific Scope, Window Activate, Wait for Window Title, Repeat Start, Repeat End, Clipboard Copy and Paste, Text Type, Duplicate commands in script, Move commands in script, Scripting Editor.
Direct Editor (2:11 minutes)
The Macro Express Direct Editor allows you to enter macro commands in their native format. This video demonstrates how to use the Direct Editor to create the simple HotKey activated My Address macro.
Uses Text Type in the Direct Editor.
Integer Variables (5:18 minutes)
Integer variables contain integer numbers. Create a macro that generates and displays three random numbers using the Set Integer Variables command.
Uses Variable Set Integer, Text Box Display, Duplicating commands in the script, HotKey macro, Scripting Editor.
Popup Menu Macros (4:31 minutes)
Display several macros in a menu that pops up on your computer screen. This video shows how.
Uses Menu Builder, Scripting Editor.
Quick Wizards (2:37 minutes)
The Quick Wizards provide a fast way to create macros to perform common tasks. This video shows how to create a reminder for an appointment, birthday, task or other event using the Quick Wizards.
Uses Quick Wizards, Macro Explorer.
Demonstrates how to record a macro for later playback.
Start/Stop Capture, Capture Settings.
Capture a macro to set the font in Excel.
Demonstrates System HotKeys, Start/Stop Capture, Capture Settings.
Scheduled Macros (4:31 minutes)
Schedule a macro to run at a specific time.
Uses If Window, Date/Time, Text Type, End If, Window Activate, Macro Scheduler, Deleting, Disabling and Enabling Macros, Scripting Editor.
Scope (5:46 minutes)
Create a macro that will only run in a specific program.
Demonstrates Global, Global Except, Program Specific and Window Specific scope options.
Shortkey Macro (3:57 minutes)
A shortkey allows you to type an abbreviation that will do many things. This example shows how to create the My Email Address macro activated via a shortkey to type your email address into a program.
Uses the shortkey activation method, Text Type, Scripting Editor.
Text String Variables (6:36 minutes)
Text String Variables contain strings. A string is a non-numeric value such as a word, sentence or paragraph. Write a macro to fix transposed letters using Text String Variables.
Uses Remark, Text Type, Clipboard Cut, Variable Set String from Clipboard, Variable Modify String Copy Part commands, HotKey macro, Scripting Editor.
Window Controls (4:48 minutes)
Window Controls are identifiable parts of a specific application window. They may include such things as a button, an edit box, a toolbar or a window title bar. Window Control commands allow you to type text or click the mouse without moving to a specific location in your application. This video shows how to write a macro that uses Window Controls commands in your macros.
Uses Get Control, Mouse Click on Control, HotKey macro, Scripting Editor.

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