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General Information ShortKeysKeyboard ExpressMacro ExpressMacro Express Pro
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FeatureShortKeysKeyboard ExpressMacro ExpressMacro Express Pro
Macro Creation
Record, Direct Editor

Script Editor, Wizards

Quick capture

Edit more than one macro at a time

Favorite Commands

Code Snippets

Macro ActivationShortKeysKeyboard ExpressMacro ExpressMacro Express Pro

Number of HotKey choices846846846

Maximum chars per shortkey activation32323232
Replace Word

Suffix Hints


Popup and Floating Menus
Window Title
Mouse Event
Window Control Event
Directory Modification
System Event
Process Starts/Stops
TCP/IP available/unavailable
Clipboard Content
Run more than one macro at a time
Macro CommandsShortKeysKeyboard ExpressMacro ExpressMacro Express Pro
Number of macro commandsLimited99+800+900+
Timing commands
WAV files
Send Mouse Clicks and Movements
If / Then Conditionals
Repeat Loop
Text File Processing
Send email via SMTP
Send email via MAPI
FTP commands
Window Control commands
Text Box
Select font, text size and color
Update Text Box content
Math functions
Extended (Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcSin, ArcCos
ArcTan, Abs, Power, Min, Max)
Maximum number of each type
Text (String) variables
Integer variables
Decimal variables
Window Control variables
Large Integer variables
Named variables
Boolean variables
Date/Time variables
Handle variables
String manipulation commands
Join / Split String
Error handling
Log errors
Log error & continue macro
Handle errors & continue macro
Lock Keyboard & Mouse during macro run
Goto line command
External Script command
GeneralShortKeysKeyboard ExpressMacro ExpressMacro Express Pro
Network Support
Silent Install
Nested Macros
Password protection of macros
Create desktop icon for macros
Load multiple macro files at one time
Number of macros per macro fileNo limit *No limit *No limit *No limit *
Maximum macro size65,536 charactersNo limit *No limit *No limit *