Capture a Temporary Macro


There is a quick way to capture a temporary macro for testing purposes. No assigning of hotkeys or checking settings is required. The macro is saved temporarily for playback. Open the application in which to record the macro and press the system macro hot key combination of Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T to start the capture. Next enter the keystrokes, mouse clicks and movements. When finished, press the system macro Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to stop the capture.


The macro is not saved as a viewable macro in the Macro Express - Explorer and cannot be edited in the Editor windows. The macro is stored in a file. Once another macro is captured using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T, the previously captured macro is overwritten. The location of the file is displayed in Options > Preferences > File System - File Paths tab. Use the File Paths preference option to change the location of this file.


The capture of a temporary macro uses the capture settings defined in Options > Preferences > General - Capture tab.



Run the Captured Temporary Macro

Press the system macro hot key combination of Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to start the play back of the temporary macro.