Move Mouse to Notification Area


This command selects a specific notification area icon and moves the mouse cursor over that icon. Many applications that place icons in the notification area need to be activated by clicking on the icon. This command moves the mouse cursor to the icon. Then follow with a Left or Right Mouse Click to open the application window.



Script Editor > Expand Mouse Category > Move Mouse to Tray Icon



Move the mouse to the following notification area icon

Press the Browse button and select the desired notification area icon. The names of each displayed icon are shown in the drop down list. Or type in the name of the icon into the field.


Exact Match / Partial Match

This option is for use when manually inserting the icon name in the edit field. When hovering the mouse cursor over an icon, a yellow text box appears displaying the icon name to help know what name to enter. Decide whether to match the name exactly or just use a partial text match.



Move the mouse to

The mouse cursor points to the position on the icon selected. This command defaults to the center of the icon. The other option is to select specific coordinates. The coordinates 0, 0 are in the top left corner of the icon. Change the coordinates to move a number of pixels to the right and down from the top.



Note 1: Windows has options to collapse the notification area. The Move Mouse to Notification Area Icon command will not work if the icon is hidden behind the collapsed area. 


Note 2: When moving to the notification area icon for a Macro Express Popup Menu macro, use the Partial Match method. Exact Match does not work because the name associated with the Popup Menu notification area icon is changed when a macro is running.