Networking Questions


How can I deploy Macro Express across a network?

There is a silent install option for installing Macro Express from a network server. Read the Advanced Installation topic for more information about this process and the command line options available during the install.



How do I run the program over a network?

Place the macro (.mex) file on an accessible network drive. Have each copy of Macro Express point to the file on the network. Use File > Open Macro File to load in the file or set this up during the silent install process.

Click on Options > Preferences > Network from the Macro Express - Explorer window and choose the "File Locking of Macro Files" option. This enables the networking capabilities of the program.


File locking prevents overwriting of data by 2 or more users. If a user attempts to change any data in the Macro Express file and the data currently displayed has been altered by another user, the user is notified that the data has been changed and the new data is loaded and displayed.


The Automatic Synchronization Updating option is available to allow automatic synchronization of data files between users on a network. This updating can be set to occur every minute, every two minutes on up to every 999 minutes.


For example, if the interval is set to 5 minutes and another user makes a change to the same macro file currently open, then within 5 minutes, the macro data is automatically synchronized between the networked computers.



How do I prevent my network users from changing the macro data?

Use the command line option /B which places Macro Express in a browse only mode. All macros still function, but they cannot be changed by the user.



Note: Please note that multi-user networking of this product requires multi-user licensing.