Convert Decimal to Date/Time


This option converts a Decimal variable that represents the date/time into a Date/Time variable. A Date/Time variable name may be assigned through the Variable tab in the Script Editor or through the Date/Time command.


Note: The Decimal value saved to the variable must be greater than or equal to zero. An invalid date warning will appear during macro playback if the decimal value is less than zero.



Script Editor > Expand Variables Category > Convert Decimal to Date/Time



Decimal Variable to Convert

Select the Decimal variable to convert to a Date/Time variable.



Date/Time Variable to Receive the Result

Select the Date/Time variable to store the value of the converted Decimal variable.




Below is a sample decimal value. The first 5 digits represent the date. The decimal section, to the right of the period, represents the time (or fraction of a day).



Below is the value saved to a Date/Time variable after the decimal conversion:

8/8/2017 11:37:40 AM