If File Ready


This command tests if the file selected is no longer busy and ready to accept input. During macro playback it's possible that another application is still writing to it. The If File Ready command checks to ensure the file is no longer being written to.


Note: If the file does not have write permissions then the macro will always flag the file as not being ready. In Windows Vista and later, any files located in the Program Files folder do not have write permission.




Script Editor > Expand Logic Category > If File Ready




Insert the file path in this field or click on the Browse button to locate the file to test.


Use the Search Path

Select this option when only inserting a partial file path or only a file name such as test.txt. In this case the macro attempts to locate the file using the Windows search path stored in the Environment variables.


If the Use the Search Path option is not selected and only the file name is inserted, then the macro will look in the Macro Express default folder. Use the Change Default Folder command to set the default folder.