Import Text File


Selecting File > Import > Import Text File from the Macro Express Pro - Explorer menu imports a group of Shortkey or Hot Key macros. A standard Windows dialog box opens prompting to navigate and select the text file to import.


The text file must be in a specific format. An improper format will cause unpredictable results. The formatting of the lines in the text file is described below.


Line 1 - The first line requires an <ITEM NAME> tag followed by the shortkey or hotkey name. The hotkey name is the key sequence used and must be in the format found in the Create New Macro window. If a match is not made on one of these, then it is assumed that the name supplied is a shortkey.


Line 2 - This line contains the nickname assigned to the macro.


Line 3 - Line 3 contains the macro text and commands. This line may span multiple lines as shown in the examples below.


The <ITEM NAME> tag marks the start of a new macro in the text file.



This example shows the format for two shortkey macros followed by a hot key macro to be imported.


<ITEM NAME>issadd

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<ITEM NAME>downm

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<ITEM NAME>Ctrl+Shift+m

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Macro Express - Explorer > File > Import > Import Text File