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A terminal server using the Remote Desktop Client in full-screen mode

When connected to a terminal server using the Remote Desktop Client in full-screen mode, my macros will not work – they will only work when I am in less than full-screen mode. The macros are simple text replacement macros, firing from a keyboard shortcut.

In Remote Desktop Client options, on the tab called ‘Local Resources’, there is a setting called ‘Apply Windows key combinations (for example ALT+TAB)’. The choices for this setting are:

1. On the local computer
2. On the remote computer
3. In full screen mode only

To get Macro Express to work, this needs to be set to ‘On the local computer’.

Macro Express interfaces with Windows using something called ‘Hooks’. What happens is the keyboard sends a keystroke to Windows. Windows sends it to programs in the ‘hook chain’. The programs in the ‘hook chain’ either process it or send it to the next program in the ‘hook chain’. Something like this:

Keyboard —> Windows —> Hook Chain —> Program A —> Macro Express —> Program B —> Other Windows applications.

With the other choices for this setting, Remote Desktop Client is not sending the keystrokes through the normal ‘hook chain’ that Macro Express monitors. Consequently, Macro Express cannot act on the keystrokes.

– Applies to: Macro Express  and Macro Express Pro