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Can I use ~ to activate a macro?

Macro Express Pro does not allow using ~ as a HotKey to activate a macro but you can use ~ to activate a shortkey macro. To do this open Macro Explorer, click Options, Prefrences, Activations and then the Shortkeys tab and then remove ~ from the Invalid Characters field.

Once this is done create a new shortkey macro using ~ as the shorkey activation.

The macro activated with ~ will be activated when you follow the settings for shortkey activated macros. By default you would need to type ##~. However, if you remove the ## from the prefix keys then the macro will activate as soon as you type ~.

If you want the macro to activate only if you type punctuation (such as a space) after ~ then you could choose the Use suffix keys option.

Change the shortkeys settings in Options, Preferences, Activations and under the Shortkeys tab.

– Applies to: Macro Express Pro