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Clicking on the Taskbar icon to activate another window

Let’s say I want to start in a certain program, CUT text, click on the Taskbar to go to another program, and then PASTE the results there. The problem is that when I activate Macro Express, it adds an item to the Taskbar, so that the place I want to click may no longer be the same. Is it really necessary for a Macro Express Taskbar item to appear when I want to record another macro?

Using the mouse to click on the taskbar to switch programs is probably not the best way to approach this problem since the taskbar is always changing regardless of Macro Express changing it. I would suggest you use the built-in “Activate Window” command to tell the macro to switch to the program you want.

A tutorial on this subject is included in the Help file. This is also available for review online. The tutorial will walk you through the steps of how to open one application, copy information, open a second application, paste the information and repeat the process.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro