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Debug from various workstations, but hide Editor from users

We are running MacroExpress over Citrix, and it works well. I want to be able to edit macros from any workstation, but not have the editor activate at startup (but instead activate with the system hotkey ctr alt shr w). System macros do not seem to function over citrix. Is there a solution? My problem is that macros need debugging from different workstations, but I don’t want the editor visible to most users.

If the Macro Express icon appears in the system tray you can click on it. You can also right click on it and choose the Open Editor option.

Another idea would be to write a macro that loads the Macro Express Editor using the “Macro Run: Run Macro Express Editor” command. You could require a password in order to edit or run this macro to prevent other users from launching the editor.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro