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Do 99 variables limit me to files of up to 99 lines?

The description mentions that you read each line of an input text file into one of 99 variables. Does this mean that you can only utilize an input file with a maximum of 99 lines? What if your file has more than that – do you have to break it up into multiple files?

You would only use one variable. For a basic text file with one entry per each line, you only use a single variable. The macro would contain a Start Processing Text file command and an End Process text command. All macro statements between these two commands can process the single variable that you have chosen. The macro will automatically loop through whatever entries in the text file you specify in the “Start Process” command (i.e. you can specify all entries, a starting and ending point, etc.). For an ASCII Delimited Text file, you would have a limit of 99 fields per record.

There is not a limit to the number of variables in Macro Express 5 or Macro Express Pro.

– Applies to: Macro Express 3