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Does Macro Express allow concurrent users to use the same file from a single network installation

Does macro express allow concurrent users to use the same set of macros from a single network installation and if so how many will it support? I may need up to 1000 users. Would this be better with individual installations and password protected editors and mex files?

The Macro Express program files can be installed on individual PCs or on a server. The macro file containing macros can be installed on individual PCs or on a server. Any combination is allowed.

Macro Express program files:
Macro Express will work fine when the program is installed on the server. However, Macro Express integrates with Windows and if the network goes down the workstations may not operate. For this reason my personal preference is to install Macro Express on each individual PC.

Macro Express macro file:
The macro file can be installed on each individual workstation or on the server. A macro file on the server can be shared by any number of users. Macro Express caches the macros and only refers to the original file if the cache gets full. Macro Express will check periodically to see if the macro file has changed and update the macros as appropriate. However, this feature is off by default.

If you decide to share a macro file you must enable the “File Locking of Macro Files” and “Automatic Synchronization Update” options found under Options | Preferences | Network.

Of course, if you choose to install the macro file on each individual workstation, you will need to find a way to update the macro files.

Protecting the macro file:
If you are worried about users editing macros, you can, as you pointed out, password protect the macro file. Another option is to only install the Macro Express Player on the individual workstations. Look in the help under Advanced Installation for NOEDITOR. This is the option used to install the player without the editor.

You may also want to only install the player on the server and install the player and editor on one or more workstations. This would allow certain people to edit the macros but most users could not.