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How can I eliminate the capture delays to speed up the macro playback?

When capturing a macro I notice there are small delays between every command in the macro script. How can I eliminate the delays to speed up the macro playback?

This is an indication that your capture defaults are set to record the time between each mouse move, keystroke, etc. You have two choices here:

1. For Macro Express 3 click Options | Preferences | Capture and uncheck the “Capture At” box. For Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro click Options | Preferences | General and then the Capture tab. Uncheck the “Capture at a specific speed” box.

No delays will be recorded when you capture macros in the future. However, be cautioned that depending on what you are actually doing, the macro may run too fast and not work as planned.

2. Go into the Scripting Editor to edit the macro you have recorded. The first command in the macro should be Macro Playback Speed (if it is not there, then you can add it). This affects all of those “delays” you see. Double click on this entry and you can change this to be 2 times faster, 10 times faster, etc.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro