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How do I back up my macros?

Macro Express allows you to create multiple files of macros. When installing the program, two macro files are loaded. They are samples.mex and macex.mex. The samples.mex file contains a number of sample macros that you can look at or use for reference.

The macex.mex file is the default file to use for creating and saving macros. At installation the macex.mex file only contains six System Macros. Create a new macro by clicking on File | New Macro File from the Macro Explorer window. The macro file name and path of the file currently in use is displayed in the Macro Explorer.

There are several ways to back up the macro file that is currently in use.

1) Use the automatic backup routine – Options | Preferences | Backup. You can have backups created at scheduled intervals and determine where to save the backup file.

2) Click on File | Backup. The macro file(s) will be backed up to the location specified in the preferences.

3) Click on File | Save Macro File As. In the Save Macro File As window that appears, select the location where you want to save and name the file.

4) Click on File | Export | Export Macros. This activates the Export Macros window. All macros in the file are displayed. You may select all or some of the macros and save to a new macro file.

5) Use the Copy and Paste options of Windows Explorer or My Computer. The file path and name are displayed in the Macro Explorer. Navigate to the file, copy and save to a different location.

1) Click on File | Restore and choose the backup file to restore. Backup files may have a name that ends with -bak000.~mex.

2) Click on File | Open Macro File to load in your backup macro file. Navigate to the location where the backup resides and open the file.

3) Click on File | Import | Import Macros. This activates the Import Macros window. All macros in the file are displayed. You may select all or some of the macros in the file and import them to the macro file currently open.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro