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How do I place a macro in an endless loop?

The best way to place a macro in an endless loop is to use the Repeat Until command. Basically, you would assign a value to a variable. You would then use the Repeat Until condition and test the variable against a different value. As long as you never reset the variable value, the macro will repeat indefinitely. Here is a brief example of what the code would look like in the scripting editor:

Set Integer Variable N1 to 0
Repeat Until N1 = 1
…. (your macro code here)
Repeat End

Note: Please do not have one macro call another macro (via the “Macro Run” command) and in turn have the second macro call the first macro. Putting two macros in an endless loop in this fashion will eventually end up in a crash. The system resources used by Macro Express for each macro never get freed in this instance. The macro never actually finishes executing before calling the other macro.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro