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How do I remove the samples Popup menu icon from the notification area?

Macro Express allows you to create multiple macro files. The file you currently are using is the Sample file that contains the sample macros we created. One option for removing the green icon is to open or create a new macro file. Click on Macros | Open Macro File or Macros | New Macro File. Then if you need to look at a sample macro, load the sample file back in – samples.mex. This would be the best option.

Or look through your list of macros. There should be one that shows as a Popup Menu in the Scope column. You can highlight this macro and then click on the garbage can icon to delete the Popup Menu.

Or from your list of macros, double click on the popup menu macro to bring up the Build Macro Menu screen. Click on the Properties tab and uncheck the box next to Show in System Tray.

– Applies to: Macro Express 3