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How do I set a default selection in the Multiple Choice menu command?

Let’s say you want option B to be your default selection. Use the Variable Set String command and select the Set Value Now option. Set the value of variable T1 to B. Insert this command before your Menu command in the macro script. When the macro runs, option B will display as the default selection.

To set multiple options, put a check in “Checkbox Menu (Multiple Choice)” and set T1 to include all of the options you want to select. The macro would look like this:

Variable Set String %T1% “AC”
Multiple Choice Menu: Test for Angelica

or this:

Variable Set String %T1% “test 1 test 3”
Multiple Choice Menu: Test for Angelica

depending on whether Save Item Value or Save Item Text is checked in the Multiple Choice Menu command.

– Applies to: Macro Express 3