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How do I set a macro to run exactly every two minutes?

I am setting a macro to run every 2 minutes. It seems to run regularly but not exactly 2 minutes. How can I make it work exactly every 2 minutes?

A two minute scheduled macro does not run exactly every two minutes. If you have a macro that is scheduled to run every two minutes, Macro Express will try to run the macro exactly two minutes after the macro previously finished running. This causes the length of time between runs to increase.

There are several things that can affect the actual amount of time between runs:

    1. If it takes a macro 15 seconds to run, then the two minute macro will start two minutes after it finished. This makes the time between macro runs a total of 2 minutes 15 seconds.

    2. In Options | Preferences | Scheduler you can set the Timer Interval. By default this is set to 10 seconds. It may take Macro Express up to 10 seconds to recognize that it is time to run the macro again. So, if you have a macro that runs in less than 1 second (instead of the 15 seconds described in #1), the two minute macro could actually run every 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

    3. Macro Express 3 and Macro Express 5 will only run one macro at a time. If another macro is running when it is time to run a scheduled macro, Macro Express 3 or 5 will wait for the first macro to finish before running the scheduled macro. The amount of time it takes the first macro to finish will affect when the scheduled macro starts.

One thing you can do increase the accuracy of the scheduled macro is to change the Timer Interval to something less than 10 seconds and set the schedule of the macro to a little less than every two minutes. For example, set the Timer Interval to 2 seconds and the schedule to every 1 minute 58 seconds. Doing this will improve the accuracy but it still will not be exact.

Because it can run more than one macro at a time, scheduled macros are more accurate in Macro Express Pro.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro