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How do I transfer my macros to a new computer?

Open the Macro Express – Explorer window. Near the upper right hand corner in Macro Express 3 or the bottom panel in Macro Express 5 and Macro Express Pro, you will see the name of the .mex macro file that stores your macros and its location.

Open Windows File Explorer, browse to that location and copy the file to the clipboard. Paste to a thumb drive or similar.

Insert the thumb drive in the new computer and copy the file to an accessible location such as the Documents folder. Open Macro Express and click on File | Open Macro File. Browse to the location where you copied the file and load it in.

Other options besides a thumb drive include emailing the .mex file, putting the file on a cloud drive and accessing it from the new computer, or access it over a network.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro