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How to extract the .msi from the Macro Express setup.exe?

Extract the MSI

Open a command prompt, change to the folder where the setup.exe file is located, and type Setup.exe /extract “<full path>”
This will extract the .msi and .cab files contained in the .exe to the specified location. The full path to an existing folder is required. If the path contains spaces you must enclose it in quotes. For example:

MacExpPro6Setup.exe /extract “c:\Macro Express Setup”

MacExpPro6Setup.exe /extract d:\MacExpSetupFiles

MacExp5Setup.exe /extract “c:\Macro Express Setup”

MacExp5Setup.exe /extract d:\MacExpSetupFiles

Install the MSI

To install using .msi setup file both the .msi and .cab files must be in the same folder. The .msi command line parameters may be used. For example:

MacroExpressPro6Setup.msi /q

msiexec /q /i MacroExpressPro6Setup.msi

MacroExpress5Setup.msi /q
msiexec /q /i MacroExpress5Setup.msi

Applies to
– Macro Express Pro 6 v or later
– Macro Express 5 v or later