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How to find a specific drop down box entry without knowing the number of items in the list?

This is possible, but it will depend on the application you are using as to how successful you will be.

Many applications will allow you to tab to the drop down box and type the first few letters of the name in the list. That name will be highlighted and selected. Other applications may require that you click on the drop down list to display the entries. But then you can type the first few letters of the name to have it highlighted and selected. Macro Express will automate either of these drop down lists by tabbing or clicking with the mouse to the drop down box. Then use the Text Type command to type the name in the list and press Enter to select.

But there are other drop down lists that don’t support the selection of a name by typing it. These you would have to arrow down to the name in the list. With this type of drop down box, Macro Express will not do what you need.

– Applies to: Macro Express and Macro Express Pro